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A DAC accredited (ISO-IEC 17025-2005) calibration, testing, and Certification Company where precision, reliability, competence, integrity and quality is taken care with utmost importance. Our laboratory in Dubai is committed to customer satisfaction; and over the years, has been recognized as a pioneer in the field of calibration and testing. We are meticulous about serving the industries with competent calibration and testing services with new and innovative methods.

Started as technical services company in 2004, the laboratory division for calibration was formed in 2013. Initiated by a group of technically qualified Engineers; who are committed to customer satisfaction; the company, over the years, has been recognized as a pioneer in the field of calibration and testing.

Our company is committed to provide services to the industries that will meet or exceed the expectation of customers. Highest level of quality will be achieved by maintaining and adhering to systems which are compliant with national and international standards.

Our Vision

A calibration and certification company where precision, reliability, competence, integrity, and quality is taken care with utmost importance.

Our Mission

Quality service and competitive prices for a hassle-free calibration.

We provide quality in each calibration


Delta Wye calibration, testing and certification laboratory does Electrical calibration, Pressure calibration, Temperature calibration, Mass Calibration, Torque calibration and so on with precision, reliability, competence, integrity and quality adhered with utmost importance. Repairs and PAT Testing can also be done by us. Third Party certification services are what our services are also our major focus.

We provide expertise in calibration (lab and on-site), testing, certification, technical solutions, project and production planning. Each of our technicians has extensive expertise in their particular field of operation.

Knowledgeable, Proficient and Efficient workforce further enables our services and assistance to be competent and remain the best in the industry. We also offer our expertise in implementation and acquisition of measurement systems, customised equipment management software solutions and technical support with training.

Lab Calibration

Delta Wye provide calibration and repair services on the portable and fixed test and measuring equipment. We will maintain your test equipments according to your manufacturer's recommendations. We provide written documentation of..
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Onsite Calibration

We extends its calibration capabilities by providing a range of traceable onsite calibration services throughout UAE. Cost and commercial benefits of the customer is realized and our on-site services cover the major requirements of..
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Technical Assistance

We have a technically qualified team which is available to serve you 24x7, as we understand that a tested and certified instrument is required for your proper functioning. So no matter what instrument you have, we have the right people..
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Shut Down Jobs

We control your quality standards and ensure continuous service along with quality understanding your requirements and managing efficiently so that you can focus on your core business. We aim at providing you with complete calibration..
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Repair Assistance

Having a problem with operating your instrument? We diagnose all kinds of problem and fix it. Our trained professionals have handled hundreds of instruments from various manufacturers. We have a technically qualified team which is available to..
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Factory Calibration

This service is the end of line product verification that is performed in all factories that ensure instruments are returned in the very same or better state with corresponding datasheets. A factory calibration is more than a check of the specifications.
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